German Army Uniforms and Equipment 1870s-1918




Prussian Infantry Reserve One Year Volunteer Pickelhaube

Prussian EM Landsturm Shako

Foot Artillery

Prussian Foot Artillery Officer Pickelhaube

Baden  Foot Artillery Battalion 33 Waffenrock

Prussian Foot Artillery Regiment 2 Enlisted Pickelhaube 

 Baden One Year Volunteer Foot Artillery Pickelhaube

Saxon Foot Artillery Regiment 19 Tunic 

Field Artillery

 Prussian Guard Field Artillery Reserve Officer Pickelhaube


Prussian 1st Guard Field Artillery Tunic


Prussian 4th Guard Field Artillery Regiment Tunic

Feldartillerie- Schießschule (Potsdam) Garde-Korps


Prussian Guard Field Artillery One Year Volunteer Pickelahube 

Prussian Guard Foot or Field Artillery EM Pickelhaube

Hessen Reserve 25th Field Artillery Regiment Uniform Group & XVIII Armee Korps Pickelhaube

Saxon 32nd Field Artillery Regiment Tunic and Pickelhaube

Prussian 44th Field Artillery Regiment wartime Pickelhaube

Württemberg 49th Field Artillery Regiment, Tunic and Pickelhaube


Prussian Field Artillery Landwehr EM, Pickelhaube

Prussian Artillery Landwehr EM, Pickelhaube

Bavarian 3rd Field Artillery Regiment Photograph Albam

Bavarian 4th Field Artillery Regiment, EM, Pickelhaube

Bavarian 11th Field Artillery Regiment, EM, Pickelhaube

Horse DrawnTrains/AmmunitionTransport


 Guard Trains Battalion Tunic and Picklehaube

Saxon Trains 12th Battalion Pickelhaube

Württemberg Trains 13th Battalion Tunic  

Baden Trains 14th Trains Battalion Pickelhaube and Tunic

Saxon Trains 19th Battalion Tunic

Bavarian Trains Warrant Officer Late War Field Grey Tunic

Telegraph or Luftschiffe

Prussian Telegraph or Luftschiffe shako







Jager zu Pferd

German Blade Weapons Worn in Uniform

German Horse Saddles and Harnessing

German Officer Saddle and Related Equipment


German Artillery Parade Saddle Cover


German Model 1889 Enlistedman's Saddle


German Model 1889 Enlistedman's Saddle Variant Marked to a Dragoon Regiment


Prussian/German Model 1864 and 1873 Field Artillery Saddle and Harness


Bavarian/German Artillery Saddle


German Heavy Cavalry Saddle


Prussian/German Foot Artillery Saddle and Harness


Austro-Hungarian (KuK) Army


Artillery Junior Officer's Shako & Tunic

Artillery EM, Shako & Tunic


Dragoon EM, Helmet


Austro-Hungarian (KuK) Army Horse Saddles and Harnessing


Austro-Hungarian Enlistedman's Saddle and Artillery Collar


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