Bavarian Short Infantry Saber 1838

Above and Below: This is a Bavarian Infantrie-Saebel-1838.  The hand guard is identical to the Bavarian Artillerie Seitengewer-1892. It matches well with the description in Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heers 07-18 by Kraus, page 473 and 474. It has the unit markings "1 LR 1LB 3" on the hilt and on the scabbard tip "1LB 2LB 7". The hilt markings could either be the 1st Infanterie-Leib-Regt., 1st Leib Battalion or 1st Landwehr Regiment, 1st Landwehr Batterie. Both seem logical interpretations using Jeff Noel's book as a reference, although the sword/bayonet is designated as an infantry sidearm there does not seem to be a third battalion of the 1st Infantry Leib-Regt, so I assume this marking is for 1st Landwehr Regiment, 1st Landwehr Batterie.  I am certainly open to thoughts on this interpretation

Below: The scabbard tip marked "1LB 2LB 7"

Below Top: The hand guard is identical to the Bavarian Artillerie Seitengewer-1892 but many differnces in the handle and blade

Below Bottom: This is a Bavarian Infantrie-Saebel-1838 in comparison. I have seen examples of the Bavarian Infantrie-Saebel-1838 that are marked T.F. which is for Trains Abteilung, so it seems despite the Infantry designation of the 1838 Short Sword, that these were also issued to Landwehr Artillery and Trains in Bavarian service


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