Baden 14th Field Artillery Regiment Pickelhaube

Above:  Baden Field Artillery Pickelhaube for enlisted men.  The Pickelhaube is marked to the 14th Baden Field Artillery and dated 1915.  The chinstrap seems to be original but the cockades are reproductions

Above:  The Baden 14th FAR Pickelhaube

Above:  The Baden cockade (reproduction) on the left side of the Pickelhaube.  Note the vent on the rear spine is not normal for pre-war artillery Pickelhaube but is common on wartime models.  This one looks the same as a pre-war example except for this detail

Below:  Another view of the rear of the Baden Field Artillery Pickelhaube.  Again, the vent is not typical of artillery Pickelhaube

Below:  How I received the Pickelhaube from a collector in France, without cockades

Above: Pickelhaube marked FAR 14 for the Feld-Artillerie-Regt. Großherzog (1. Badisches) Nr.14
(Karlsruhe) XIV Armee Korps

Above:  The maker mark and 1915 date inside the body of the Pickelhaube.  My assumption is that the 1915 wartime date justifies the vent on the spine

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