Prussian Guard Foot or Field Artillery Enlistedman's Helmet

Above:  Wartime Prussian Guard Artillery Pickelhaube with grey metal fittings.  It has a vented spine common to most 1915 Field Artillery and Foot Artillery helmets .   

Above:  Left side of the Prussian Foot/Field Guard Artillery helmet.  The left side is for the Lander cockade, black and white for Prussia.  The ball top ornament represents an artillery projectile and is removable.  Aside from the ball top device, the helmet is the same as an infantryman’s, which have spike top ornaments.

Above:  From view of the Guard Pickelhaube.  The chin strap and cockades are reproductions.

Above and Below:  Right side view of the pickelhaube.  The National Reich’s cockade is visible.


Above:  The mark is K.B.A.G.  This stands for Kriegs-Bekleidungsamt Gardekorps. It is also dated 1915.


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