German Field Artillery 7,7cm Limber

Below: A drawing of the 7,7cm l.F.K. Limber which is for the l.F.K. 1896 n/A, and the l.F.K. 1916. This 7,7cm lFK Limber is simular to the 10,5cm lFH Limber except for the horizontal staking of the ammunition in the 7,7cm Limber verses the vertical stacking of the ammunition in the limber for the 10,5cm lFH, differences in the foot board mount, and the size of the limber box

Below: 7,7cm Limber frame, which is much the same as the 10,5cm Limber frame. The foot board appears to be the only difference

Below: Comparison drawing illustrating the differences between the 10,5cm lFH Limber (in Black)

and the 7,7cm lFK Limber (in Red)

Below: 7,7cm lFK 1896 Limber with its driver team crew

Below Left: Close up of the foot board of the 10,5cm lFH Limber. Below Right: Close up for the foot board for the 7,7cm lFK Limber. This is one section of the field artillery limber that differs between these two

Below Left: 10,5cm lFH Limber with its box open. Notice the vertical placement of ammunition. Below Right: 7,7cm lFK Limber with the box open showing the horizontal placement of ammunition. This is the second difference between the two field artillery limbers

10,5cm. lFH Limber

Below: Zeltsack hooked behind the seat for the limber

Below: Zeltsack detail from the side

Below:  Interior detail of the 7,7cm lFK 96 n/A Limber


Below7,7cm lFK 1896 Limber with two NCOs



WW1 Era German Field Artillery Harness and Saddles for this limber type

10,5cm l.F.H. Limber in the Lovett Collection

Drawings are from the French Manual "Muse'e D'Artillerie I. Mate'riels".

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