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French and US Artillery Related Equipment in the WW1 Era

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French 75mm mle/97 Ammunition


French Artillery Driver Saddle (also US use)

French Artillery Sellette (also US use)

French Artillery Harnessing (also US use)
French Artillery Bridle (also US use)

75mm mle/1897 "French 75" Limber (also US use)

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson Limber for the “French 75mm”

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson for the "French 75mm"

US M1916 Field Artillery Harness

US M1904 Saddle

US Bridle

US Escort Wagon

US 3.2 inch M1885 Limber


    French Manufactured Horse Drawn Vehicles and Related Equipment in the WW1 Era. Most of these were also used by US foreces



US Manufactured Horse Drawn Artillery Vehicles in Europe During WW1



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