Prussian Export Krupp 8cm Kanone Based on the 8cm C/1867

Prussian 8cm Guns of this type were in service with to Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt, Sweden, Mexico and likely many more

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This is a Prussian Krupp 8cm breech loading barrel dated 1868 with a round back sliding breech block. Guns of this type were in service with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Sweden, and Mexico. Likely, many other nations also used this type. It is nearly identical to the Prussian service 8cm C/1867 Feldgeschuetsse (field gun). Differences between the Prussian service 8cm C/1867 and the export model are the following:

(1) The export breech has a rounded back whereas the Prussian service breech is rectangular.  
(2)The export variation’s breech block is set further forward in the breechring than the standard Prussian model
(3)The export barrel has larger diameter trunnions.

 In German language round back breech is described as a Rundkeilverschluss" (RKV). Interestingly, this round back breech block more resembles the next model German service field gun’s breech system, the 9cm C/1873.  This barrel likely came to the USA from the Bannerman company in New York, which imported artillery in the early to mid-twentieth century for commercial sale as antiques. 
There could be at least two types of carriage for this 8cm RKV Kanone.  The metal type was known to have been exported to the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Egypt.  The wooden carriage type, that looks very similar to the standard Prussian 8cm 1867 carriage, went to Romania. These two types seem to have been quite mixed up, however, because during the Balkan Wars, both types were captured and redistributed to almost every nation in the region including Bulgaria.  Examples can be found in museum collections, private collections, historic photographs and prints.  There are many variations of the wheels that were in service with these carriages.  These vary from the most typical twelve-spoke metal hub wheels, to twelve- spoke wooden hub wheels, to fourteen spoke wooden hub wheels.
One historic photo also shows the 8cm Kanone in service with the Mexican Army firing in the Mexican Revolution era with fourteen spoke wheels. The British national collection that was displayed at Woolwich and is likely now at Lark Hill also has a fantastic example of this gun type from Egyptian service. This gun, captured during the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt in 1882, has the Ottoman style metal carriage painted light green.





The Krupp Company Book on Export Artillery 1892

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