Lovett Artillery Collection

Imperial German Foot Artillery

15cm schwere Feld Haubitze (s.F.H.) 1893

15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1909 date)

15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1917 date)

15cm s.F.H. 1913

15cm lg.s.F.H. 1913/02

10cm Kanone 1917

9cm. C/ 1873 Kanone

Ralph Lovett’s Research:

US Army WW1 Era Camouflage

Development of the German 15cm
Development of the German 10cm

Imperial German Field Artillery
7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1896 n/A (1896 date)

7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1896 n/A (1917 date)

7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1916

7,7cm lFK 1896 Limber (Protze)

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1898/09

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1916

10,5cm lFH Limber 1898 (Protze)

German Third Reich Field Artillery

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze 1918M (l.F.H.18M) (leFH18M)

German Manufactured Export Artillery
7,5cm Mountain Cannon L/13 (1891) with Chilean national marks

7,5cm Kanone (1881)

Imperial German Naval Gun
8,8cm S.K. L/30 (1891)

French Produced Artillery
75mm mle/1897 "French 75" Gun

75mm mle/1897 "French 75" Limber

70mm St. Chamond Mountain Howitzer

Imperial Russian Artillery

107mm M1877 (42 Line Gun)

US Artillery-Civil War Era
Woodruff Gun (1861)

10 Pounder Parrott (1862)

3 Inch Ordnance Piece (1861)

US Artillery Related Spanish American-WW1

3.2 Inch M1885 Field Gun

3.2 Inch Limber (Spanish-American War Era)

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson Limber for the “French 75mm”

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson Limber for the "French 75mm" (2nd example)

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson for the "French 75mm"

US Escort Wagon

US Anti-Tank Guns
37mm Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

57mm Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

76mm T124 Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

GPW Ford "Jeep" used as prime mover for US 37mm AT Gun

German Anti-Tank Guns WW2
3,7cm. Panzer Abwehr Kanone (PAK) 1936

7,5cm. Panzer Abwehr Kanone (PAK) 1940

Japanese Anti-Tank Gun WW2
47mm Type-1

French Anti-Tank Gun
25mm S.A.L. 1937

British Naval Cannon
9 Pounder Naval Carronade (1810 Era)

Yugoslavian Mortars

60mm M70 Yugoslavian Commando Mortar (De-Milled)

60mm M57 Yugoslavian Mortar (One De-Milled & One Live)

82mm Yugoslavian Mortar (De-Milled)

Pieces for Sale or Trade
British 3.7 Inch Q.F. sight mount with range drum

US 57mm Trail & Support Bracket

US 3 Inch 1902 Firing Mechanism

US Breech & Parts, Type Unknown

US 37mm Ammo Holder Box for the Stuart Tank










































































































Recent Updates June 2019: US 3.2 inch M1885 Field Gun, More work on the German 10,5cm lFH 98/09, US WW1 167th Infantry Lieutenant Donald Philbrick Uniform Group, German 7,7cm lFK 96 n/A Sightmount, Prussian 8th Trains Wartime Pickelhaube, French 75mm mle/97 with its French Limber, US 151st MG BN Tiller Uniform Group now with Dog Tag

Recent Updates January 2019: The German, Prussian Field Artillery Harness and Saddles for a Six Horse Team , Saxon 19th Trains Regiment Tunic, Prussian Field Artillery School Tunic ,Prussian Mounted Troops Bugle, German Artillery Meteorological Computer 1934 , Additional Work on the 10,5cm lFH 98/09, US WW1 151st Machine Gun BN Overcoat from Pvt. Lumsden, US WW1 151st Machine Gun BN Uniform Group from Pvt. Thurman Lewis Tiller , Elevation Gear for the Krupp 7,5cm Kanone 1881 Export Gun, Bavarian 11th Field Artillery Regiment Pickelhaube, German 1889 Dragoon Saddle , Operations of the 29th Divsion 8 October - 30 October 1918, 116th Regiment, Württemberg 49th FAR Tunic and Helmet, Prussian 44th Field Artillery Regiment Wartime Pickelhaube, US WW1 167th Infantry 1st Lieutenant George R. Newbegin Uniform Group;Yugoslavian M53 (MG42) Wise Lite Semi Auto

*This site documents Leon and Ralph Lovett's private collection of Artillery, Anti-Tank Guns, Naval Guns, and Mortars

*This collection is used for study of historic artillery and ordnance related technology from 1800-1957

*Unless otherwise noted, all color photographs on the web site are images of actual examples within the Lovett Collection

*In some cases, period black & white photographs and drawings depict pieces outside of the collection.

*Our goal is restoring and maintaining operational historic artillery pieces plus their associated equipment

*All artillery within the collection produced after 1898 is registered in the US with ATF

*We are not a politically oriented group

*Elements of this collection may be considered for Movie Props Rental

*The Lovett Collection has been involved a number of movies to include Glory, Legends of the Fall, General's Daughter and work with Skywalker Sound for the Speilberg film War Horse.

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