Lovett Artillery Collection

Imperial German Foot Artillery

15cm schwere Feld Haubitze (s.F.H.) 1893

15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1909 date)

15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1917 date)

15cm s.F.H. 1913

15cm lg.s.F.H. 1913/02

10cm Kanone 1917

9cm. C/ 1873 Kanone

Ralph Lovett’s Research:

US Army WW1 Era Camouflage

Development of the German 15cm
Development of the German 10cm

Imperial German Field Artillery
7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1896 n/A (1896 date)

7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1896 n/A (1917 date)

7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1916

7,7cm lFK 1896 Limber (Protze)

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1898/09

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1916

10,5cm lFH Limber 1898 (Protze)

German Third Reich Field Artillery

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze18M (leFH18M)

German Manufactured Export Artillery
7,5cm Mountain Cannon L/13 (1891) with Chilean national marks

7,5cm Kanone (1881)

Imperial German Naval Gun
8,8cm S.K. L/30 (1891)

French Produced Artillery
75mm mle/1897 "French 75" Gun

75mm mle/1897 "French 75" Limber

70mm St. Chamond Mountain Howitzer

Imperial Russian Artillery

107mm M1877 (42 Line Gun)

US Artillery-Civil War Era
Woodruff Gun (1861)

10 Pounder Parrott (1862)

3 Inch Ordnance Piece (1861)

US Artillery Related Spanish American-WW1

3.2 Inch M1885 Field Gun

3.2 Inch Limber (Spanish-American War Era)

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson Limber for the “French 75mm”

75mm US Army M1918 Caisson for the "French 75mm"

US Escort Wagon

US Anti-Tank Guns
37mm Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

57mm Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

76mm T124 Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

GPW Ford "Jeep" used as prime mover for US 37mm AT Gun

German Anti-Tank Guns WW2
3,7cm. Panzer Abwehr Kanone (PAK) 1936

7,5cm. Panzer Abwehr Kanone (PAK) 1940

Japanese Anti-Tank Gun WW2
47mm Type-1

French Anti-Tank Gun
25mm S.A.L. 1937

British Naval Cannon
9 Pounder Naval Carronade (1810 Era)

Yugoslavian Mortars

60mm M70 Yugoslavian Commando Mortar (De-Milled)

60mm M57 Yugoslavian Mortar (One De-Milled & One Live)

82mm Yugoslavian Mortar (De-Milled)

Pieces for Sale or Trade
British 3.7 Inch Q.F. sight mount with range drum

US 57mm Trail & Support Bracket

US 3 Inch 1902 Firing Mechanism

US Breech & Parts, Type Unknown

US 37mm Ammo Holder Box for the Stuart Tank










































































































Recent Updates October 2019: 10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze 1918M (leFH18M) , US 3.2 inch M1885 Field Gun, More work on the German 10,5cm lFH 98/09, US WW1 167th Infantry Lieutenant Donald Philbrick Uniform Group, German 7,7cm lFK 96 n/A Sightmount, Prussian 8th Trains Wartime Pickelhaube, French 75mm mle/97 with its French Limber, US 151st MG BN Tiller Uniform Group now with Dog Tag

Recent Updates January 2019: The German, Prussian Field Artillery Harness and Saddles for a Six Horse Team , Saxon 19th Trains Regiment Tunic, Prussian Field Artillery School Tunic ,Prussian Mounted Troops Bugle, German Artillery Meteorological Computer 1934 , Additional Work on the 10,5cm lFH 98/09, US WW1 151st Machine Gun BN Overcoat from Pvt. Lumsden, US WW1 151st Machine Gun BN Uniform Group from Pvt. Thurman Lewis Tiller , Elevation Gear for the Krupp 7,5cm Kanone 1881 Export Gun, Bavarian 11th Field Artillery Regiment Pickelhaube, German 1889 Dragoon Saddle , Operations of the 29th Divsion 8 October - 30 October 1918, 116th Regiment, Württemberg 49th FAR Tunic and Helmet, Prussian 44th Field Artillery Regiment Wartime Pickelhaube, US WW1 167th Infantry 1st Lieutenant George R. Newbegin Uniform Group;Yugoslavian M53 (MG42) Wise Lite Semi Auto

*This site documents Leon and Ralph Lovett's private collection of Artillery, Anti-Tank Guns, Naval Guns, and Mortars

*This collection is used for study of historic artillery and ordnance related technology from 1800-1957

*Unless otherwise noted, all color photographs on the web site are images of actual examples within the Lovett Collection

*In some cases, period black & white photographs and drawings depict pieces outside of the collection.

*Our goal is restoring and maintaining operational historic artillery pieces plus their associated equipment

*All artillery within the collection produced after 1898 is registered in the US with ATF

*We are not a politically oriented group

*Elements of this collection may be considered for Movie Props Rental

*The Lovett Collection has been involved a number of movies to include Glory, Legends of the Fall, General's Daughter and work with Skywalker Sound for the Speilberg film War Horse.

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