Pre-WW1 to 1918 German Army Uniforms




Prussian Line Infantry EM, Pickelhaube

Prussian Infantry Reserve Officer-Candidate Pickelhaube

Prussian EM, Jager Shako

Prussian EM Landsturm Shako

Hessen 116th Infantry Regiment, EM, Bandsman Tunic


Foot Artillery

Prussian Foot Artillery Officer Pickelhaube



Field Artillery

Prussian Guard Field Artillery EM Pickelhaube



Prussian 4th Guard Field Artillery Regiment tunic



Prussian Field Artillery Landwehr EM, Pickelhaube


Württemberg 49th Field Artillery Regiment, Line EM, Pickelhaube



Bavarian 3rd Field Artillery Regiment Photograph Albam


Horse DrawnTrains/AmmunitionTransport









Jager zu Pferd

German Blade Weapons Worn in Uniform


Austro-Hungarian (KuK) Army


Artillery Junior Officer's Shako & Tunic

Artillery EM, Shako & Tunic


Dragoon EM, Helmet

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