Imperial Russian 107mm M1877 Gun (42 Line Gun) Unrestored

42-линейная пушка образца 1877 года

Above: An Imperial Russian 107mm Model 1877 Gun known as the 42 Line Gun. The wheels are not correct for this piece and the breech is missing. There will be quite a lot of restoration ahead for this one

Below: A view of the Russian 107mm showing the breechring and elevation.The gun was not designed with a traverse mechanism

Below: Breech end of the Russian 107mm M1877 Gun. Notice that there are mounts for the trunniouns on the carriage, used when the gun is in travel


Below: Another view of the breechring and elevation mechanism of the 107mm. This M1877 L/24 piece is dated 1889 and marked CA, which means Land Artillery in Imperial Russian service. This gun type was originally designed by Fried. Krupp in Germany as a 10,5cm gun and would have a typical Krupp horizontal sliding wedge breech block. This one is manufactured in Russia. Montenegro used a few guns of this type up to WW1 and Finland used weapons of this type until the WW2 Era. Many of the Russian 107mm Guns were captured by Germany and reissued to nine Landweher Foot Artillery Battalions, equipping 22 Batteries


Above and Below: Russian direct fire sight set into the sight-mount for the Russian 107mm M1877


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